Haus Roll Call?

Haus of Gray

Greetings, fellow slaves!

The March 23rd “Spring Cleaning” blog by Mistress Charlotte about suspending her slave training program got me thinking. Specifically, who’s all here? Not only who successfully completed the training, but more importantly, who is still here, alive and kicking. Heartfelt curiosity around how many of us are proudly serving. :)

Well, that led to the thought that maybe a roll call might be in order. For both the Haus of Gray and Haus of Ether. Sure, our respective mistresses know who’s all here, but maybe not each of us. And maybe knowing that would give us strength by connecting us to the greater whole.

So, who’s all here? Old or new? How strong is the combined Haus of Gray and Ether? Are we all still proudly representing the will of our mistresses?

Please, comment and raise your voice! :)


Just Starting to Serve in the Haus of Gray

Haus of Gray

Hello everyone,

I just received access to this site from the wonderful Mistress Charlotte Gray. I am excited to learn the ropes and get to know my fellow slave of both the Haus of Ether and the Haus of Gray.

I would love to hear your comments and suggestions about how I can make the most of my presence here at

Thank you,

- Your Fellow Slave, hypnosubslave

Book of Our Lives

Haus of Gray

Unrelated to any of us in Haus of Gray or Ether, I was recently reading a post by a slave on another forum where he was expressing some discontent with his relationship with his domme.

That got me thinking about something we all have that he didn’t. Which generated this line of thought in my noodle. That I then felt might be worth babbling about here… Well, might be… We’ll see…

I started thinking about his problem by imagining the book of our lives. Imagining a biographical book of a slave. Or, in our case, as slaves of the Haus of Gray or Haus of Ether. That at the end of our days, when the story is all told, that I expect each of us to have an entire chapter on Mistress Charlotte or Mistress Ember. Sure, maybe we have separate chapters alone on femdom or hypnosis. So, a whole chapter to any one person is a big deal – when considering all the chapters that would detail our lives and all the words required to tell that story. So much life to tell, but that they had such a big impact in touching our lives that they’d need their own chapters. Which is a very cool thought! :)

Yet the inverse is quite different and that’s where I think the unhappy slave’s outlook was causing him pain. Let’s use Mistress Charlotte for simplicity in this example. In her book, there might be an entire chapter dedicated to hypnosis (again, within a book of her entire life). Perhaps even a chapter about on-line hypnosis and the Haus of Gray. But in the book of her life, our parts in it would be at best an entry in a footnote, endnote or table where she lists notable slaves. Meaning, if we serve to the greatest we can, the best we should expect would be a passing mention in a list. Of course, maybe, just maybe, a few of you might have their own entire paragraph (which is huge). But not the rest of us and not 99% of us. We would just be entries in a list if mentioned at all. Again, in perspective to her entire life.

Which is as it should be and I would expect it to be. Her place in our lives is different than our place in her life. Those with an opposing thought might be readily offended by this rambling of mine as it might seem insulting or demeaning to each of us. That’s not what I mean, though. No, not at all. What I’m calling out is that as a star of our own book, we can sometimes forget we are not the star of someone else’s book; namely our mistress’ book in this context. Which dials back to the aforementioned unhappy slave. I got the impression by his conduct that the way he was looking at the on-line domme/sub relationship was causing him unnecessary pain when it shouldn’t have.

And that’s what led me to thinking about an advantage we have. By its very construct, the Haus of Gray and Haus Ether identify each of us as one of many. That we are each contributing members to serving something more than just ourselves. More than just writing our independent books.

That as haus slaves we have an advantage over those who serve in isolation. In this very forum (blog), we have the ability to know each other. Here where we all have value, meaning and worth, yet where our true strength to serve comes from each other and what we contribute as a whole.

Grounding us with the knowledge of being one cell in the slave body and avoiding a mental pitfall of confusing our book (where we star and our mistress is a key character) with the book of our mistress (where she stars and we are an incidental character).

And for that, I’m so thankful this forum exists for us. :)


To be of some use

Haus of Ether

Part of today’s training session gave us an opportunity to share our experiences of the day. This task of looking for ways to feel secretly subservient toward women by performing random acts of kindness fit me like a latex glove. This is the kind of service I crave, just being a gentleman, really.

Not every woman took these acts with a smile. A handful were mighty suspicious of the innocent comment,  “Would you like some help Ma’am?” I got a few crazy looks.

For the most part I stuck with women around my own age so I wouldn’t be mistaken for some kind of pervert. There were a couple of opportunities to help some younger women. For example, it’s girl scout cookie season and who am I to refuse a request to purchase a box of thin mints?

I was going to try and count how many doors I opened for women today, but I totally spaced out. I set a goal and I am sure I did not reach it.

Being helpful always makes me feel better, whether it’s grabbing something from the top shelf or buying a box of cookies. It makes my day go a little easier.

It was more fun than I thought it would be, since it was my little secret. The more I heard ‘thank you,’ the more addicting it became.

Spending a couple of quality hours at the mall was just what the doctor ordered. I only bought one grapefruit juice the entire time. It was just fun to have something to do, to have an assignment to complete.

Thanks for the task Mistress Ember.


These knees were made for worshipping

Haus of Ether

*May contain spoilers

I made a deal with myself that I would always perform what was asked in the optional task at the end of every week. I figured real training would include them anyway.

So, yes, I did perform the optional task for week four (which actually made the first task of week five even more enjoyable) and there’s a simple reason I was able to endure the agony.

Mistress Ember included a requirement in addition to the painful task She requested. It was this other requirement that allowed me to tolerant it. She seems to be connecting all the ways to serve Her, interweaving everything into a whole.

She’s a genius at building all the stepping stones that lead to the Haus of Ether, where I believe a part of all of us who make the journey will forever remain there.

So, I listened to the optional task and grimaced. It was actually something I had never done before and was hesitant. I mean, I’ve seen ‘bad girls’ made to do it and it looked rough.

And it was difficult, at first. That was because I focused on the pain. When I began reciting my mantra, I discovered a sense of calm came over me, as though I was going into trance. The words of devotion distracted me and I realized something important.

Pain only gains substance when its given attention. The mantra allowed me to refocus attention to why She assigned the task in the first place and why I was so willing (OK, so maybe not that willing) to perform it.

The pain disappeared. It really did. I was physically there but I was mentally in the Haus of Ether, devoting every second of my ordeal to my one true (Hypnotic) Mistress and it was a pleasure.

Words are powerful. Ember’s words are the most powerful. Thank You Mistress Ember.



An Open Letter to Mistress Ember

Haus of Ether

Mistress Ember,

Instead of sending You a private e-mail, I thought I would post something here. After all, anyone who visits the House of Ether already has an understanding of just how special You are.

I’ve had a few experiences with hypnosis mistresses in the past, and I can honestly say You have the purest method. It actually is a course, and used in the way You have instructed, will help lead a slave to honest evaluation and a realization of his (or her) true self.

I am currently in the fourth week (strength) and I am challenged more and more with every task.(I’d call You a sadist but I know You would like that).

I am able to complete my tasks and my extra credit assignments simply because You have made it possible. You created the space for it. In many ways these are Your words.

I did not realize what I was learning at first. Oh sure, the sensual voice drew me in like a moth to a flame. But it is more than that. You have the right attitude. You’ve pushed me out of my comfort zones and allowed me to come face to face with my hopes, dreams and demons.

I used to think I knew what true submission was. I can admit now how wrong I was. It is more than physical attraction, more than sexual arousal. It is about a healthy body, a clear mind and a pure soul.

I work hard to complete my tasks because I realize how much effort You have put into it. I cannot fathom the hours it took to design a five-week course like this, or how many false starts there were before You achieved something close to perfection.

Because of You, I am a better man today than I was yesterday and I intend to be even better tomorrow.

I feel at home here, in the Haus of Ether. I enjoy crawling up on an old sofa, your scent still lingering, and push the play button on any number of quality selections.

Eternally Yours in hypnosis,